Stadlnova 2011

Stadlnova is a fictive suburb somewhere between Bratislava and Vienna, meant to become the base for a creative research platform about marginal(ized) aspects of these cities, their region and all the in-between. It will unfold a new space of possibilities between these two cities, center and periphery, growth and recession, archaeology and utopia.
Ok, so much for our teaser – we’ll tell you more here.

The Stadlnova workshops about to take place soon in suburban Bratislava and Vienna

Through a call for participation we found 20 people, who will be exploring Stadlnova in the frame of two interdisciplinary workshops, taking place 24–26 June and 1–3 July 2011 in Bratislava’s and Vienna’s periphery. Our participants are coming from various directions, having diverse backgrounds and interests, what makes us pretty excited to have them becoming part of our project.

We’ll present you the outcomes of our workshops, and show you some first sketches of our ’‘Un-guidebook to Stadlnova’ right here early July.
Stay tuned!

The idea for Stadlnova started to grow about two years ago, when Jürgen Rendl hopped out of his train from Bratislava to Vienna too early, and then, strolling through Viennas transdanubian periphery, met Stefanie Sandhäugl and Helmut Preis at their cultural node ‘Genochmarkt’. Subject to greedy wet dreams about investment and growth, the market has been knocked down in autumn 2010, and even given those somehow similar patterns in ‘urban development’, Bratislava and Vienna still didn’t converge.

All that, and some more marginalized aspects between here and there, nourished the vision of creating some kind of ‘hybrid suburban space of reflection and opportunities’ between Bratislava and Vienna, now about to take shape in Stadlnova.

Stadlnova is a joint project of urbanflow’, Bratislava, and Mobile Initiative Kultur’, Vienna.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.