We will explore and create what could be Stadlnova in the frame of two interdisciplinary workshops taking place soon. Through a recent call for participation, we found 20 young participants from the region Bratislava-Vienna, who are interested in marginal(ized) aspects of these cities and all the in-between, and willing to collaborate on new ideas and questions emerging. The dates for the workshops are set as following:
24–26 June 2011
taking place in a suburban area of Bratislava
1–3 July 2011
taking place in a suburban area of Vienna

During these three-day-workshops we will give participants the opportunity to experience the idea of Stadlnova and, inspired by that, focus on their own explorations and on-site researches. All creations and findings will then be developed as contributions to our ‘Un-guidebook to Stadlnova’. Kick-Off for each workshop will be a tour through the respective suburban area, introduced as part of Stadlnova, covering the whole spectrum between facts, rumors and imagination (including theoretical as well as fictional inputs). The following two days participants will be able mainly freely focus on their research and creation, adjoined by discussions, reflections and collective editing sessions for our ‘Un-guidebook’.
The contributions could range from samples taken from reality to pure fiction. The only criteria is that they should be related to the region Bratislava-Vienna, and correspond with at least one of these thematic fields (exemplified here):
_ Everyday archaeology and utopia
_ Growth and recession
_ Center and periphery / rural and urban
_ Design and appropriation
_ Losing and finding your way
Another important aim of our workshops is to find and facilitate ways of collaboration among people from Bratislava and Vienna, based on ‘bottom-up’ and DIY-approaches. And no way it’s gonna get close to conventional modes of artistic production or academic research. And now: Music.