VEZALEBT festival

Opening on May 6. 2013
Duration 7.5.-12.6.2013
1020 Vienna/Austria

“Who would Veza Canetti be today, what could she be like? We don’t know. In the town of Vienna, in the period of the First Republic, her life was determined by unstable times and historical upheavals. Together with her husband Elias Canetti she emigrated to London in 1938 where she died 50 years ago. She always published her literary work under pseudonyms. Nevertheless, the language and attitude of the poet and writer Veza Canetti (1897–1963) are still having an impact on today’s artistic production, so we think it is time to speak of her in the present tense rather than the past: Veza lives. She has been surprising and inspiring both art and literature, ever since her first novel was published in 1990, long after her death.”

“VEZALEBT –Veza Canetti, ein spätes Jubiläum in Wien / VEZALIVES – a late anniversary in Vienna will be a feast, above all. Poetical, visual, musical and scientific approaches towards this amazing person, who was neglected and ignored for such a long time, will aim at making her familiar through the joint effort of later generations. This way a distinct identity will be constructed, both in Vienna and abroad.”

Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Project initiator and artist