Thursday, June 14
Panel session as part of the exhibition
Discussion forum for the issues of Trace the Tweet

Claudia Mongini, Vít Zavadil, Radan Haluzík, Jiří Zemánek, Jana Doležalová a Štěpán Plátek.

Lecture Claudia Mongini

Red threat continued: reflections on the interstice.


“This talk intends to reflect upon the exhibition “trace the tweet”, by focusing onto questions about the “making of” interdisciplinary works of art: what is the relevance of the spaces in-between epistemologies, and how do artists deal with them?”

“By departing from the works presented in the show, I intend to propose a constructivist approach in order to deal with issues of epistemological transformation. My point of view leads towards the presentation of an approach that is neither purely “functional”, – i.e. which operates in terms of a one to one translation of specific aspects of a discipline – , nor completely metaphoric, that is in terms of a purely intuitive knowledge translation.”

“Borrowing a concept developed by the philosopher Alfred North Withehead, I intend propose the point of view that foreign ways of producing knowledge might act as a “lure” towards the development of new conditions of creation. I introduce hereby the concept of interstitial aesthetics, and discuss it in terms of composition between different formations of knowledge, of practices and of personal and collective experience. The role of theory would then not to be that of explication or conceptualization of art, but an approach towards artistic experience in terms of mutual processes of experimentation.”