Mittwoch, 19. Dezember, 21:30

klub moozak

Praterstern, fluc
1020 Wien

Alberto Boccardi, electronics
Karin Ferrari, video
Michael Fischer, no-input-mixer


Engineer and electroacoustic musician Alberto Boccardi holds a BA in aerospace engineering at Politecnico of Milan and his diploma at the International Academy of Music at Milan Conservatoire.He is a founding member of anyBetterPlace, a performative/installative audiovideo group and has composed music for audio-visual contexts (anyBetterPlace, Venice Biennale 2011), dance (Compagnia Cinzia Delorenzi, Schuko, Le molecole), video art (Yuri Ancarani, Francesca Amati), cinema (Icaro Project), reading and theatre (Survival – Siamo Tutti Uno, Compagnia dei Giulllalli, Eterefolli -Festival del Ticino prize 2007).

In his live performances Boccardi creates stunningly deep emotional soundscapes by working with minimal elements and focusing on the contrast between sound and silence.

His first solo album was released in February 2012 on the italian label Fratto9/under the sky. In April 2012 one of his songs was featured on the “Tapper 28” Compilation in the world’s most renowned magazine for experimental music & culture “The Wire”.


Michael Fischer’s instant composition conductings (no input mixing) will be accompanied by Karin Ferrari’s visuals.

Michael Fischer works on the interfaces between Improvised Music / New Music / Noise on saxophone, violin, instant composition conductings and soundscape works. He also conducts research concerning the immanence of language and their syntactics and explores feedback cascades since 1999. International collaborations, concerts, radio work, festivals in Europe, Japan and many other countries with musicians such as John Edwards, Hilary Jeffery, Mark Sanders, William Parker, Irene Schweizer, Daisuke Terauchi, Ken Okami as well as with artists/collectives as Eileen Standley, Gerhard Ruhm, Marc Adrian, Petra Ganglbauer, Dmitri Prigov, Gerhard Jaschke, baby- dance Q Comp. Tokyo, The Meeting Point Amsterdam inter alia Foundation of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra 2005; instant composition conductings for Orchestra / Chorus in Spain, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Japan, Netherlands and Austria.

Karin Fischer-Ferrari was born in 1982 in Merano/Italy. She studied painting, arts and cultural studies at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and completed in 2008 with honors. Between 2008 and 2010 she worked as a assistant curator (Special Projects Design) for the MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art). Since 2011 she works as a assistant to the philosopher and artist Elizabeth of Samsonov. Ferrari lives and works in Vienna.

KLUB MOOZAK is not only a place for extreme sounds but just as well a physical basis for those who expect more of an evening at a nightclub than just dj’s and beautiful people.
we want to abandon stylistic self-restrictions and break down walls THAT OBSTRUCT sonorical varietIES through a liturgical-ritual way of communication with different forms of waves and frequencies.