combining phonography and photography, 2005 – …….

Textur is a series of audiovisual works by Bernhard Gál, to be presented in installations or live performances.

In an attempt to integrate textures from the visual and acoustic realms, textur is based on snapshots from the ‘real world’ that show a textural quality, i.e. either repetitive, rhythmic elements or amorphous, static qualities. textur is considered as an ongoing exploration, a work-in-progress in the best sense. Depending on context and possibilities, it may be presented as a live performance, a video projection, or a site-specific installation.

textur #1 is based on photographs taken on several flights between Vienna and Berlin.

The starting point for textur #2 are photographs of satelite dishes in Istanbul.

textur #3 is based on photographs of a water surface from Niterói, Brasil.

textur #4 is based on images of electricity wires at Jebel Akhdar, Oman.

textur #5 is based on images from the excavation site of Troy, Turkey.

textur #6 is based on images from Wahiba Sands, Oman.

textur #7 is based on images from the Vienna Woods and on sounds from the Stadtwald, next to Frankfurt Airport.

textur #8 is based on aerial images of Bavarian winter landcapes and sounds of melting ice cubes.

Past Presentations

Festival „Images and Music“, Frankfurt, Germany, December 2005 (premiere of textur #1)
Domu umení, Opava, Czech Republic, January 2006 (premiere of textur #2)
Nitrianska galéria, Nitra, Slowakia, April 2006
Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, May 2006
Bilsar Building, Istanbul, July 2006
Monkey Town, New York City, August 2006
Parque Central, Mendoza, Argentina, October 2006
Goethe-Institut Montevideo, Uruguay, October 2006
Magyar Muehely Galéria, Budapest, January 2007
Plano B, Rio de Janeiro, January 2009 (premiere of textur #3)
Ibrasotope, São Paulo, January 2009
Red House, Sofia, February 2009
TKT Fest, Tuzla, April 2009
Narodno pozoriste RS, Banja Luka, April 2009 (premiere of textur #4)
SKC, Beograd, April 2009
SC, Zagreb, May 2009
Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana, May 2009
Simultan Festival, Timisoara, May 2009
SESC Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, September 2009 (premiere of textur #5)
Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, December 2009
LISZT SCHOOL of Music Weimar, Germany, July 2010
KomponistInnenforum Mittersill, Austria, September 2010
Tunis University, Tunisia, October 2010
Festival Sláturtíð, Reykjavík, September 2011
Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, December 2011 (premiere of textur #6)
Skolská 28, Prague, April 2012
FAMU, Prague, April 2012
Institut für neue Medien, Frankfurt/Main, July 2012 (premiere of textur #7)