Karin Maria Pfeifer, _viral

Vernissage: am 3.6. 2015

25 A.Metaxa & Themistokleous str. Athens 106 81


Karin Maria Pfeifer
Christian Rupp
Sula Zimmerberger
Christiane Spatt
Ewa Kaja

Christian Rupp, Video einer Performance, Objekte

Öffnungszeiten: Di – Fr 5:00 – 9:00

Dauer der Ausstellung: 4.6. – 4.7. 2015

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Christiane Spatt

Sula Zimmerberger
, Grafik

the human body. Function and Dysfunktion

This approach can also describe the physical organisation of the human body, even complex processes as for example the immune response or intercellular systems. The smallest dysfunctional devia- tions have fatal physical and emotional consequences.

Interesting the influence of physical circumstances (hormones) on emotions. Flat 1 deals with the question of how stable these systems are, how external and internal systems interact. What happens in a confrontation of different systems? If they do not react appropriately to changes from the outside and produce alterations they originally were meant to prevent?

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Die Ausstellung wird von der Oesterreichischen Botschaft in Athen unterstuetzt