Michael Zeltner

Email: m@niij.org

Website: http://niij.org/

As a product of modern fast paced culture, Michael Zeltner pursues an attention-deficit-disorder driven autodidact lifestyle after having dropped out of institutionalised education at the age of 15.

Following his re-socialisation by the art-group monochrom and its wider community, he contributed to numerous multinational large scale Open Source and business projects, amongst others Plone, an enterprise level content management system, and Maestro Headquaters, the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s community for the Mars robots “Spirit” and “Opportunity”.

Since then, he rediscovered his roots, now exploring the spaces in technical possibilities of humanistic storytelling. After co-founding the localised cell of Graffiti Research Lab (G.R.L.) in Vienna, he helped distribute the €500.000 of the first self-organised government funding pool NetzNetz as part of its coordination team.

Michael is currently based between London and Vienna, focusing on his solo work while still contributing to projects such as Touch, Don’t Touch and Ear Cinema, as well as helping build new spaces for creative endeavours with mo.ë.