Miss Baltazar’s Open Lab

Electric Avenue,
Museumsquartier – Q21,
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

Open for women and trans only

November 16th, Wednesday. 19.00

“An extreme situation, extremely surpassed: being woman in the Republic of Congo”.

Miss Baltazar Open Lab curated by Miss Universe

In Open Lab sessions we experiment with the technology we played with in the previous week’s workshop. It gives room discuss questions that came up and demand further investigation. In this Open Lab session, we will expand on the issues Miss Universe introduced in the workshop on women in the Congo. The participants can share their thoughts or related projects, tell about their own lives and backgrounds.

Bio of Miss Universe:
In 2008, she attended the beauty contest held in Supper Club Istanbul and was nominated “Miss Universe”. After this contest, her life changed and represented her country in other beauty contests, each time being nominated as “Miss Universe”. She appears as a figure who reaches broad audiences through joyful presentations, combining contemporary performance elements of action, text and music, with pop-culture, references to classical art history, using choirs, children songs, fashion and show business elements. The content of the performances emphasize specifically on human rights, politics, gender issues, domestic violence and history of art.

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