CHEAPART is a contemporary art exhibition and a unique market model.
CHEAPART is an art market for the wide public, art lovers, collectors, art related professionals.
– A global meeting place for the art world, potential buyers and international networks.
CHEAPART’S European network [1995–2012] extends to
Amsterdam /Athens/ Vienna/ Limassol/ Thessaloniki

The CHEAPART Model 1995 – 2012

CHEAPART has established a network of contemporary art exhibitions within Europe – Amsterdam /Athens/ Vienna/ Limassol/ Thessaloniki, with work selling at a low price. Since 1995 CHEAPART has reached out to thousands of art lovers and has created a direct bond among artists and the public.

CHEAPART is a cultural economic and social platform with multiple benefits:
• Artists percieve CHEAPART as a communication platform to introduce new concepts and develop social connections and future partnerships.
• Buyers in return, gain ownership of original art works at a low fixed price that artists may sell on high prices outside the context of the exhibition.
• The direct contact that developes amoung the public and the artist increases the level of understanding of contemporary art.

CHEAPART Amsterdam 1 introduces an updated market model, an open cultural dialogue for everyone to be part of.