Circulation(s), European Festival for Young Photography (30.9.)

The call for applications is aimed at all European photographers or residing in Europe in their early career of artist. Thephotographers will be selected on the quality of their artistic practice and the relevance of their work. There is no theme. Atthe end of the call, about 20 photographers representing a large overview of the new generation of European photographerswill be selected to exhibit their works.

___CONDITIONS: The applicants shall send their application together with the following documents:
-The following application form fulfilled and signed-A portfolio including a maximum of 15 prints (size 21 X 29,7cm). Black and white pictures and colour pictures are acceptedin the same portfolio. Kindly write the name of the artist and the title of the series on the back of the pictures. Be aware thatdigital files are not accepted. All digital photographs shall be printed.
-A detailed résumé (biography and career of the photographer) (on paper)
-A text presenting your series-A CD including a digital version of the biography and career of the photographer (.rtf or.doc) and of the text presenting yourseries-4 pictures High definition – Jpeg 300 dpi
-The entire series (limited to 20 pictures) – Jpg – 72 dpi (for online presentation) (800 pixels max on the smaller side)
-A picture of your choice (size 430×360pixels)-All files shall be registered with you surname and the number of the series (surname _number.jpg)

___Application Form:

The costs for the registration of the application amount to 5 euros. The payment is to be made onlinethrough Paypal and is to be addressed to the following email address:

The prints will be fully paid by Fetart (+ Dibond panels depending on the budget). All prints will be made in Parisduring the course of November 2011. The artists not residing in Paris undertake to send the pictures in high definition beforeNovember 15, 2011 in order to allow Fetart to proceed with the printing. The pictures shall be sent to the same address asthe one for the application.

Fetart being a non lucrative association working only with volunteers, the transportand the living costs during the time of the exhibition shall be paid by the artists. However Fetart may help the photographersto find an accommodation in Paris.

The selected photographers shall become member of the association. The annual subscription amountsto 60 euros (no other currency will be accepted).

30th of September

Fetart-Marion Hislen, 51 rue des rigoles, FR-75020 PARIS

___For further Information see:

Im Klartext:

Auch hier wird eine ganze Menge verlangt – einschließlich einer Verpflichtung zur Mitgliedschaft. Und was geboten wird, ist ziemlich vage..