ICMC International Computer Music Conference 2012 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Since 1974 the International Computer Music Conference has been the major international forum for the presentation of the full range of outcomes from technical and musical research, both musical and theoretical, related to the use of computers in music. This annual conference regularly travels the globe, with recent conferences in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The 2012 International Computer Music Conference takes place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is organized by IRZU – the Institute for Sonic Arts Research and supported by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science as well as the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. IRZU is a young non government organization, based on an interdisciplinary concept and is conducting artistic productions in the field of electro-acoustic music / inter-media performances and installations, as well as audio technology research and educational activities. The ICMC 2012 is held in collaboration with our annual sonic arts festival EarZoom which is becoming a referential international platform for discussing the latest developments within audio technology research well as critical and conceptual approaches in sonic arts practices.

Music Program Committee:
George Boenn, Daniël Schorno, Alex Mclean, Andreas Weixler, Edgar Barroso, Christopher Haworth, Franziska Shroeder, Maja Cerar, Rodrigo Sigal, Gregorio Jiménez, Volkmar Klien, Rogelio Sosa, Thomas Grill, Se-Lien Chuang, Scott McLaughlin, Somaya Langley, Robert Ratcliffe

Key note speakers:
Seth Kim-Cohen
Diedrich Diederichsen

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September 10th, 2012, 20:30

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Belma Beslic-Gál:
Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður for violoncello and sound projection
Violoncello: Claudius von Wrochem (Kairos Quartett)

September 11th, 2012, 20.30

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Belma Beslic-Gál:
flut Concert featuring flut, for alto flute and quadrophonic sound projection
Alto flute: Aleš Kacjan (Slowind Ensemble)
Sound projection: Bernhard Gál

September 12th, 2012, 14:30

Academy of Music, Ljubljana

Bernhard Gál:
Lecture concerning recent collaborative compositions by Belma Beslic-Gál and Bernhard Gál.