acoustic poetry class

In der sfd-Reihe ‘sound poetry’ erscheint im November die CD acoustic poetry class 2009/10

Präsentation am Di, 30. November 2010, 20.00 Uhr
Amann Studios, Neustiftgasse 68/23b, 1070 Wien

Elena Adler
Camilo C. Antonio
Pamela Bartar
Thomas Havlik
Amadea Linzer
Chris Michalski
Peter Waugh
Stefanie Wolff

Im Anschluss:
DJ Mia Legenstein (

Class in acoustic poetry at Schule für Dichtung / Vienna Poetry School in 2009/10, the sfd offered a class in acoustic poetry, in the form of regular workshops that explore the various possibilities of making literary combinations of language, voice, writing and sound. The class provided a thorough grounding in the practice, history and theory of acoustic poetry, and also investigated multimedia approaches, the basis of text-sound composition, live performance and recording, and studio technology. As a conclusion of the five-part series of workshops, the students produced, together with the class teachers, a cd in a professional recording studio.

Class teachers:
Christoph Amann, Juergen Berlakovich, Mia Legenstein, Jörg Piringer